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Dyson Airblade questions
Renting a New Dyson Airblade is the preferred option for those who do not want the initial outlay of buying and fitting.

The rental cost is charged monthly and paid by Direct Debit. The charge for which will depend on the quantity taken.*1.

Rental options available on the AB06, AB07, AB08, AB14 and Dyson Airblade Tap.

Installation is free-of-charge providing you have a good, safe and adequate power supply with appropriate outlet local to the proposed installation - see below. Should there need to be an electric supply brought to the hand dryer, this will be charged at cost, we will however provide a FREE no-obligation survey to provide a quotation for this.

The rental period is 3 or 5 years, and you can choose to purchase the dryer at the end of the term, or extend the rental period.

For the period of the rental agreement, your hand dryers will be completely covered. Should there be any issues, we will arrange for Dyson's own engineers to call and repair/replace as appropriate at no charge to you, for your complete peace of mind.
(Under the normal Dyson Airblade guarantee (for AB06, AB07 + AB14), only the first year is completely covered with any call-outs for the remainder of the 5 year guarantee, labour is charged at £100+VAT *3.)

Benefits of renting the Dyson Airblade:

No initial outlay

Simple, low monthly installments

No maintenance

Complete cover for the period of your contract - no callout fees for repairs, breakdowns etc

Fixed payment - makes company budget and cashflow forecasts much simpler

Cheaper (and more environmentally friendly) than using hand towels *4

Hand Dryer Rental Terms

Rental charge is invoiced monthly commencing from month of installation. Payments on Dyson Airblade rental invoices are taken by Direct Debit monthly commencing on the month of installation/delivery.

Installation is free of charge providing there is a good, safe and adequate power supply local to the installation location of each hand dryer preferably protected by an RCD fused spur or RCBO.

The wall must be sound and strong enough with good fixing points to support a hand dryer and any forces it may take. The wall must be clear of obstructions, steps or ridges which may impede the installation or cause distortion in the body of the dryer or prevent a good fixing.

The installation must be far enough from any heat or water sources so as to be safe in operation.

The dryer must be situated so as not to be an obstruction to traffic (pedestrian or otherwise) and be far enough from any moving obstacles (including gates and doors) so that it or anybody using it will not be struck. If there is a door close to the dryer it must be ensured that if necessary there is a permanent doorstop fitted (whether fitted in advance of installation or by our engineer). We will not accept any responsibility for damage to the dryer howsoever caused once you have signed off the installation as safe and free from risk of anticipated damage.

If there is no power supply immediately available and an electricity supply needs to be moved and an RCD fused spur provided then there will be a charge, we can establish this on your electrical survey.

If there is no power supply available and one needs to be brought in, we will need to survey the site to give you a quotation for the installation.

The rental price includes rental of equipment and all servicing and maintenance over the course of the 5 year contract. The title of the goods does not pass at any time. Rental is subject to status and successful underwriting by our lease company where applicable.

*1  No upfront costs providing conditions for installation are met.

*2 £5 per week is an example price. The exact price will be determined based on the type of hand dryer, the quantity of hand dryers taken, the term of the lease and the type of company leasing. Our underwriters will assess the risk associated with your business and base a premium on this.

*3 Call-out charge is to cover labour only for hand dryers purchased outright and does not apply to rental units. Call out charge for purchased hand dryers is subject to change without notice.

*4 Actual comparison depends on number of dryers installed, number of patrons, cost and type of hand towels etc.
No Upfront Costs*1    +   from less than £5 per week*2    = 
Have Dyson Airblade dry hands at your premises for less than the cost of hand towels
You do the maths :
Low running costs +
fast & efficient hand drying

Compare to the ongoing costs of paper hand towels !
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